01:38PM EST - I'm here at the London venue for Samsung's global Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung's annual gathering for flagship smartphone news, we'll be seeing the eagerly awaited (and widely leaked) Samsung Galaxy S10 series of phones. And maybe a few other surprises along the way?

01:39PM EST - Samsung's official event is in San Francisco, and London is the satellite event. Luckily, I live close enough to attend this one :)

01:39PM EST - We're only a few days away from Mobile World Congress, the normal venue to launch these devices, in Barcelona. It does mean that there are journalists either going to SF or London and then flying on to Barcelona in order to cover everything

01:40PM EST - If the logos and images haven't given the game away, Samsung looks set to announce its Galaxy S10 line of products for 2019

01:41PM EST - If previous years are any indication, we'll see US variants with Qualcomm chips and the rest of the world with Exynos

01:43PM EST - We're expecting some hands on-time with devices after the presentation

01:43PM EST - About 15 minutes or so until go time

01:48PM EST - Just under 1000 people here at the London event

01:50PM EST - 10 minutes to go, music has just changed

01:50PM EST - new video on the screen

01:50PM EST - I can't read Korean though

01:51PM EST - 'The Future Unfolds'

01:55PM EST - Show will begin shortly

01:56PM EST - It looks like there are some UK specific speakers here

01:57PM EST - I've seen Arm floating around

01:59PM EST - Looks like Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm, is at the SF event. He just tweeted #5G is here

01:59PM EST - https://twitter.com/cristianoamon/status/1098295453278298112

02:01PM EST - Legal slide shown for 3 seconds, over 400 words on it

02:01PM EST - Here we go

02:01PM EST - 10 year Galaxy anniversary

02:01PM EST - Announcing a whole new world to mobile

02:01PM EST - 'The Future Unfolds'

02:02PM EST - A folding phone

02:03PM EST - 'We changed the shape of tomorrow'

02:03PM EST - Justin Denison to the stage

02:03PM EST - Galaxy Fold

02:04PM EST - Samsung is driven to invent breakthroughs

02:04PM EST - Our screen size is fundamentally limited, until now

02:04PM EST - A new dimension to your phone

02:04PM EST - It defies categories

02:04PM EST - A smartphone and a premium tablet in one package

02:04PM EST - folded, 4.2 inch display

02:04PM EST - 7.3 inch infinity flex display

02:05PM EST - Every element was redesigned from common smartphones

02:05PM EST - new hinge

02:05PM EST - 100k+ folds and unfolds

02:05PM EST - multiple locking gears are hidden

02:05PM EST - Four colors

02:06PM EST - Martian Green, Astro Blue

02:06PM EST - Personalise the hinge color

02:06PM EST - One of a kind

02:06PM EST - Two different screens

02:06PM EST - Make a call or send a message when folded

02:06PM EST - Sound by AKG

02:07PM EST - Three app multitasking

02:07PM EST - The fold is a unified device

02:07PM EST - The displays work together

02:07PM EST - The key is 'App continuity'

02:08PM EST - Switch screens without missing a beat

02:08PM EST - Unfold the display and the app transfers

02:08PM EST - Optimized Whatsapp and Microsoft Office

02:08PM EST - Galaxy users have access to Youtube Premium

02:09PM EST - 12GB DRAM

02:09PM EST - 7nm SoC

02:09PM EST - 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage

02:09PM EST - First UFS 3.0 device ?

02:09PM EST - Two batteries inside

02:09PM EST - 4380mAh

02:09PM EST - total

02:10PM EST - Six cameras, 3 on each side

02:11PM EST - >Now a guy on a side stage with a device

02:11PM EST - A fingerprint scanner on the side

02:12PM EST - Google maps goes from small screen to big screen when unfolded

02:12PM EST - See more at more detail

02:12PM EST - Watching Netflix

02:13PM EST - Two big banners, one above and one below

02:13PM EST - Three App Multitasking

02:14PM EST - Use your phone in new ways

02:14PM EST - LTE and 5G version

02:14PM EST - 2000 Euro

02:14PM EST - April 26th for US, 3rd May for EU

02:15PM EST - premium bundle with new earbuds

02:15PM EST - That's it for the fold

02:16PM EST - Audible gasps at the price

02:16PM EST - Video recapping the last 10 years

02:17PM EST - DJ Koh to the stage

02:17PM EST - Head of IT and Mobile Comms Division

02:18PM EST - Well I was just on the livestream

02:18PM EST - A new device to set the industry on a new path

02:18PM EST - like the Galaxy Fold

02:19PM EST - Reinvented the display of the Fold

02:19PM EST - pioneered new technologies

02:19PM EST - Developed new fabrication processes

02:19PM EST - Breaks new ground, answers the skeptics

02:20PM EST - The era of smartphone innovation is not over

02:20PM EST - Today marks a new beginning

02:20PM EST - Full lineup of new glaxy devices and services

02:21PM EST - More than 2 billion galaxy phones sold since the beginning

02:21PM EST - Created new device categories and delivered innovative new services

02:21PM EST - Transformed activies with the Note and S-Pen

02:22PM EST - Invented the innvoative display

02:22PM EST - Making smartphones truly water resistant

02:22PM EST - Create, connect, discover, and enjoy

02:22PM EST - No company has done more to put the smartphone at the center of our mobile connected lives

02:23PM EST - There is more competition today than when we produced the first Galaxy S

02:23PM EST - For the last 10 years, competition has grown more and more

02:23PM EST - These devices have got more complex to use

02:23PM EST - Samsung believes there is a better way

02:24PM EST - Samsung's vision is to be the innovator to new experiences

02:24PM EST - Harnessing the power of 5G and AI

02:24PM EST - new generation of personal and intelligent experiences

02:24PM EST - Scale across every device, platform, and brand

02:24PM EST - But it takes open collaboration between partners

02:24PM EST - Innovation without barriers

02:25PM EST - Partners that share Samsung's vision for unlimited capacity for new experiences

02:25PM EST - Pushing beyond the limits and passion for new growth in the industry

02:25PM EST - New family of Galaxy phones and devices

02:25PM EST - S10

02:26PM EST - Simpler and more intuitive interface

02:26PM EST - Helping you explore everything you see

02:26PM EST - Protecting Privacy

02:26PM EST - THe power to be faster anywhere and any time

02:26PM EST - For those who say 'everything possible has been done', Samsung says 'Open Your Mind'

02:27PM EST - Buckle your seatbelt, the future is about to begin

02:28PM EST - SVP Mobile to the stage

02:28PM EST - New Galaxy S10+

02:28PM EST - The S10 scales new heights in design and innovation

02:29PM EST - Pro grade camera, industry leading performance

02:29PM EST - We've come a long way

02:29PM EST - 10 years of Galaxy

02:30PM EST - The fold is a product of 10 years of product innovation

02:30PM EST - Completely revolutionary

02:30PM EST - That wait is nearly over

02:30PM EST - Available in EU from 3rd May

02:30PM EST - Testiment to passion and committment

02:30PM EST - Dedication to innovation

02:30PM EST - Anticipating consumers greatest needs

02:31PM EST - Entire ecosystem of devices

02:31PM EST - Conor Pierce to the stage, VP Mobile

02:32PM EST - Swearing in the background picture

02:32PM EST - Laying the groundwork for the next 10 years

02:32PM EST - Starts with the S10

02:32PM EST - It starts with the display

02:32PM EST - Our displays sets us apart

02:33PM EST - S10 display covers top to bottom and edge to edge

02:33PM EST - New prioprietary laser cutter to put the camera in the display

02:34PM EST - Worlds first dynamic OLED display

02:34PM EST - 1200 nit peak, '100% color display'

02:34PM EST - Most accurate display on a device

02:34PM EST - HDR10+

02:34PM EST - Dynamic Tone Mapping

02:35PM EST - 42% less blue light without having to apply a filter

02:35PM EST - (Compared to S9)

02:35PM EST - Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

02:35PM EST - on S10 and S10+

02:36PM EST - S10e has a fingerprint scanner located on the power button

02:36PM EST - Works in wet conditions

02:36PM EST - Machine Learning algorithms to increase security

02:37PM EST - FIDO certification

02:38PM EST - Prismatic hue colors or Ceramic White / Black

02:38PM EST - Rebecca Hirst, Director Product Marketing on the stage

02:38PM EST - Camera time

02:38PM EST - Invested in cutting edge technology from the beginning

02:39PM EST - Triple rear camera

02:40PM EST - 12MP wide dual Pixel camera, 77-degree field of view

02:40PM EST - f/1.5

02:40PM EST - 12MP Telephoto camera for 2x optical

02:40PM EST - Ultra-wide camera, 123 degree FoV

02:40PM EST - 16MP Ultra wide camera

02:41PM EST - Depth and bokeh

02:41PM EST - Color point

02:41PM EST - Apply effects in real-time before taking the photo

02:42PM EST - It isn't about the megapixels, it's about the options

02:42PM EST - AI Camera that optimizes colors based on the scene

02:42PM EST - New neural processing unit to recognize up to 30 different scenes

02:43PM EST - Composition tips

02:43PM EST - Using machine learning, learned algorithm based on 100m photos

02:43PM EST - HDR10+ recording. Currently in Beta

02:44PM EST - First mobile devices with HDR10+

02:44PM EST - Frame-by-frame

02:44PM EST - Super Steady Camera

02:44PM EST - Easy Video Editing

02:45PM EST - Adobe Premiere Rush, optimized for Galaxy

02:45PM EST - Must be downloaded, not on the device by default

02:45PM EST - Uses GPU

02:45PM EST - Dual front cameras

02:46PM EST - 10MP and 8MP, supports Depth of Field

02:46PM EST - 10MP wide, 8MP Depth

02:46PM EST - Front camera can record in UHD

02:46PM EST - S10 camera app has an Instagram mode

02:48PM EST - The best instagram experience on a smartphone

02:48PM EST - Opening up the Camera SDK for developers

02:48PM EST - Use camera features in other apps

02:50PM EST - Up to 12GB of DRAM, up to 1TB of internal storage

02:50PM EST - microSD slot

02:50PM EST - up to 1.5TB of storage

02:50PM EST - CPU faster up to 29%, 37% faster GPU over S9

02:51PM EST - Unity launching 'adaptive performance' next month

02:51PM EST - S10 is the first optimized device for the feature

02:51PM EST - With the top 1000 games in the world, half are on Unity

02:51PM EST - S10 3400 mAh, S10e 3100 mAh

02:52PM EST - S10 identifies less important apps and optimizes power/perf for those apps

02:52PM EST - S10+ Supports reverse wireless charging

02:52PM EST - Qi standard only

02:53PM EST - Donor phone needs 30%

02:54PM EST - Supports any compatible device

02:54PM EST - S10 supports fast wireless charging 2.0

02:54PM EST - 10W+

02:55PM EST - With machine learning, the phone can tell if the wifi is dodgy. Or if you're on the move. supports switching between LTE and WiFi

02:55PM EST - Supports Wi-Fi 6

02:55PM EST - Up to 20% faster than S9

02:55PM EST - Wi-Fi 6 supports more users per access point

02:56PM EST - Three models. S10+, S10, S10e

02:57PM EST - 749 euro for S10e, 899 for s10, 999 for s10+ for base models with 6/128

02:57PM EST - New eco packaging

02:58PM EST - Samsung software features

02:59PM EST - All new Galaxy Buds

02:59PM EST - Tuned by AKG

02:59PM EST - Dual microphones in each bud

03:00PM EST - One inside, one outside, for noise cancelling in both directions

03:00PM EST - Designed for all-day comfort

03:00PM EST - 30% smaller than previous version

03:01PM EST - new proprietary chipset, 5 hours calls or 6 hours music

03:01PM EST - Comes with Bixby

03:01PM EST - Starting today, supports Spanish, German, Italian

03:01PM EST - Also supports British English, such as Aluminium

03:02PM EST - Case supports wireless charging

03:02PM EST - Wireless charging case

03:02PM EST - White, black, or yellow

03:02PM EST - 149 euro, from 29th march

03:02PM EST - Preorder S10 or S10+ before 8th March, and get buds free

03:03PM EST - Pictures of youtubers with buds in in the background

03:03PM EST - Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Watch Fit now

03:04PM EST - don't just track fitness, but every aspect of your life

03:04PM EST - Aluminium, and soft strap

03:04PM EST - comfortable even during workouts

03:04PM EST - water resistant up to 5 atmospheres

03:05PM EST - Full smartwatch experience

03:05PM EST - Galaxy Fit is dedicated just to fitness. 23g weight

03:05PM EST - water resistant

03:05PM EST - A week on a single charge

03:06PM EST - amoled display

03:06PM EST - Each device can track six exercises

03:06PM EST - Sleep tracking

03:07PM EST - Heart rate monitors for stress tracking

03:07PM EST - >Imagine putting them on press right before a Samsung press event

03:07PM EST - Designed to work seamlessly with other galaxy products

03:08PM EST - Wearables will work with multiple devices at once

03:08PM EST - e.g. connect the buds to phone and smartwatch

03:10PM EST - Charge buds with S10 Wireless Power Share

03:11PM EST - Watch Active from 249 euro, galaxy fit from 99 euro

03:11PM EST - Now for 5G talk. Conor Pierce back to the stage

03:12PM EST - Every time a new network technology has come to market, it has created a mobile revolution

03:13PM EST - 5G will be up to 20x faster than 4G

03:13PM EST - 1ms lag

03:13PM EST - Auto driving, remote surgery, cloud gaming

03:13PM EST - Imagine a world with no buffering

03:14PM EST - Samsung has helped to lay the groundwork

03:14PM EST - Providing end-to-end solutions for 5G

03:14PM EST - Devices in the office, in the home, or in a pocket

03:14PM EST - Galaxy S10 5G

03:15PM EST - So, sub 6 GHz or mmWave ?

03:16PM EST - 'Hyper-Fast speeds'

03:16PM EST - 6.7-inch AMOLED

03:16PM EST - 4500 mAh battery

03:17PM EST - 25W charger

03:17PM EST - 3D Depth Camera

03:17PM EST - Live bokeh and spatial distance down to the mm

03:17PM EST - Realistic AR Experience

03:18PM EST - Truly connected living

03:19PM EST - Requires interconnected ecosystem of technologies and partners

03:21PM EST - All these partners will support S10 5G when it goes on sale later this year

03:22PM EST - That's a wrap. Time or some hands on

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  • prophet001 - Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - link

    They are strongly hinting at folding LCDs hunh.
  • quiksilvr - Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - link

    Folding OLEDs.
  • spclk - Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - link

    I hope they make them affoldable and not too expensive.
  • steven huang - Friday, February 22, 2019 - link

    China will make it
  • Gunbuster - Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - link

    Grats Samsung a $2000 phone...
  • zeeBomb - Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - link

    2000 euro folding phone. ohh boy

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