Stoney Ridge

For any technology journalist deeply embedded an analytical content, knowing your field is a key element to how you work. If all the focus goes into the high-end, it is easy to get complacent, or living in a technology hub can feel like a bubble. This is why several times a year I wander through the local Brick and Mortar retailer to see what is on offer to users that simply walk in off the street to buy a tablet, notebook, or a casual £99 Bluetooth speaker purchase, as what happened this week. I'm in the UK, so our sole brick and mortar option is typically PCWorld, however it emulates Best Buy in a number of ways. What I Had Noticed Before Looking through the arrays...

AMD Announces the 7th Generation APU: Excavator mk2 in Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge for Notebooks

The Carrizo SoC, using Excavator cores, was touted in the press as being the biggest upgrade to the base Bulldozer design since the introduction of Bulldozer itself. This was...

69 by Ian Cutress on 5/31/2016

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