Back at Computex, we stumbled across a uniquely-styled polyhedron-shaped chassis by AZZA, the Pyramid 804. To cater to small form factor aficionados, AZZA has announced its intention to release a mini-ITX version of its Pyramid 804, the smaller Pyramid Mini 806. We've seen a lot of striking and unique case designs over the last couple of years, some conceptual at trade shows and some beyond that point and in the retail channels. During 2019, AZZA brought to life its Pyramid 804 chassis which is a very notable shape known throughout history. The Pyramids of Giza looks to be the primary inspiration behind the design and is one of the most iconic achievements of humankind. The AZZA Pyramid Mini 806 mini-ITX chassis builds upon the stylings of...

Azza’s Pyramid Chassis: The Up-Side Down Case, But Also a Table?

The average PC case is fairly non-descript, often purchased based on whatever cost is left in the build. There might be a tempered glass panel, or some noise dampening...

12 by Ian Cutress on 6/6/2019

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