The e-Paper market has enjoyed steady growth over the last decade, starting with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle back in 2007. While there are many vendors attempting to make a mark in the technology required in this space, E-Ink's offerings have ruled the roost. The most popular category of products using E-Ink's technology has undoubtedly been eBook readers. Recently, digital notebooks and notepads have also emerged as a significant driver in E-Ink's expansion. These products take the regular e-reader and add support for an electronic pen / stylus. These products were initially quite expensive and targeted business professionals dealing with huge amounts of paperwork and requiring note-taking support (such as lawyers). The Sony DPT lineup (review) became one of the leading products in this...

2010 Value SSD (~$100) Roundup: Kingston and OCZ take on Intel

Two years ago the best SSD you could buy was made by Intel and it cost $7.44 per GB of MLC NAND. Today Intel is actually the value leader...

52 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/3/2010

OCZ Discovers Bug in Onyx SSD, Updated: We're in the Clear

A week ago I got a shipment of a bunch of new SSDs including OCZ's long awaited Onyx. This is based on the Indilinx Amigos controller, which is basically...

19 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 5/5/2010

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