One of the perks of normality largely returning to the PC components market now that the crypto mining bubble has popped has been a big improvement in component availability. Video cards were of course the biggest change there – even if prices on the latest generation remain higher than many would like to see – but crypto farms were also soaking up everything from CPUs and RAM to power supplies. So after a period of almost two years of high-powered PSUs of all flavors being hard to come by, the PSU market is, at last, also returning to normal. The collapse of crypto mining and underlying improvement of electronics components has also meant that high-power PSU designs have reverted, in a sense, to a more...

Razer Announces Ultra-Compact "Razer GaN" 130W USB Type-C Charger

Alongside their new AMD-powered Blade 14 laptop, Razer today also used E3 2021 to announce a new, high-powered USB-C charger. The Razer GaN USB Type-C charger is a compact...

39 by Gavin Bonshor on 6/14/2021

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