Below are the specifications on the entire OnStream product line. The unit that you are reading about is the SC-50.


  DI30 DP30 SC30 SC50 ADR70
30GB/ 15GB 30GB/ 15GB 30GB/ 15GB 50GB/ 25GB 70GB/ 35GB
Native Transfer Rate up to 3.6GB/hr up to 2.5GB/hr* up to 7.2GB/hr up to 7.2GB/hr up to 7.2GB/hr
ADR Cartridge Capability ADR 30GB ADR 30GB ADR 30GB ADR 30GB and 50GB ADR 30GB, 50GB, and 70GB
Interface IDE - ATAPI Enhanced Parallel Port SCSI-2 SCSI-2 Wide, Ultra2 compatible, LVD
Configuration internal external internal internal internal
Limited Warranty(years)* 1+** 1+** 2+** 2+** 2+**
Price** $299*** $399*** $499*** $699*** $999***

*Based on typical parallel port performance
** Additional 1-year warranty granted with product registration
*** Estimated Street Price - U.S.
Index Performance & Conclusion

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