While we're still waiting patiently for our Galaxy Nexus to arrive so we can begin digging into Android 4.0 goodness, Verizon customers in the US are also patiently for the date when they too can snag an LTE-enabled Galaxy Nexus. While the date is still unknown, Ytram of androidforums was able to snag the XML manifest from Verizon and locate high resolution images of the LTE-enabled Galaxy Nexus. 

Left: Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus, Right: HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus

In addition to sporting a slightly different gunmetal grey color scheme, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus also is 0.53 mm thicker, weighs 15 grams more, and also includes a 100 mAh bigger battery. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G (with WiMAX on Sprint) also had a size and weight difference. The larger package no doubt accommodates the extra necessary 4G LTE antenna traces and baseband. This is also the first time we've seen a carrier-branded Nexus, previously all Nexus phones carried no carrier-related silkscreening of any kind.

Galaxy Nexus Comparison
  HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus LTE/Verizon Galaxy Nexus
Height 135.5 mm 135.5 mm
Width 67.94 mm 67.94 mm
Depth 8.94 mm 9.47 mm
Weight 135 g 150 g
Network Support HSPA+/3G/GERAN 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz 700 MHz (LTE), 800/1900 (1x/EvDO Rev.A/0)
Battery Size 1750 mAh 1850 mAh
SoC 1.2 GHz TI OMAP 4460
RAM/NAND 1 GB / 16 GB 1 GB / 32 GB

I've gone ahead and made a gallery with the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus images pulled from Verizon's website. In the meantime, shoppers in the US not willing to import a Galaxy Nexus of their own from abroad will have to sit tight for some future availability announcement.

Source: Androidforums, Google Galaxy Nexus Page

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  • dtm4trix - Thursday, December 1, 2011 - link

    I agree with a lot of the comments that they really fucked this up big time. When Apple announces a product, they set a date for release and there you go. You build the hype. Long lines form and you sell thousands up thousands of handsets a day. I feel that with all the hype around the Galaxy they could have done the same thing....but instead all we get is silence. Is that a new marketing strategy or something? I think something is/was really messed up and they announced too early. I hope now that google has acquired Motorola that the next Nexus phone will be from them. I also hope they learn something. When you have people waiting to throw their money at you, it's probably best not to keep them waiting. At the very least communicate.
  • orionismud - Thursday, December 1, 2011 - link

    It's funny that I've been using 4.0.1 on my HD2 for a week already, and the Galaxy Nexus still isn't out yet. :D
  • ItsaRaid - Saturday, December 3, 2011 - link

    I have Road Runner as a primary email, whats the native email app like on Nexus, does it have a select-all tButton? How about a undo button? is dumping trash simple, or manual with boxes and tedious.?

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