In a brief news post made to their GeForce website last night, NVIDIA has announced that they have delayed the launch of the upcoming GeForce RTX 3070 video card. The high-end video card, which was set to launch on October 15th for $499, has been pushed back by two weeks. It will now be launching on October 29th.

Indirectly referencing the launch-day availability concerns for the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 last month, NVIDIA is citing a desire to have “more cards available on launch day” for the delay. NVIDIA does not disclose their launch supply numbers, so it’s not clear just how many more cards another two weeks’ worth of stockpiling will net them – it likely still won’t be enough to meet all demand – but it should at least improve the odds.

NVIDIA GeForce Specification Comparison
  RTX 3070 RTX 3080 RTX 3090 RTX 2070
CUDA Cores 5888 8704 10496 2304
ROPs 96 96 112 64
Boost Clock 1.725GHz 1.71GHz 1.7GHz 1.62GHz
Memory Clock 14Gbps GDDR6 19Gbps GDDR6X 19.5Gbps GDDR6X 14Gbps GDDR6
Memory Bus Width 256-bit 320-bit 384-bit 256-bit
Single Precision Perf. 20.4 TFLOPs 29.8 TFLOPs 35.7 TFLOPs 7.5 TFLOPs
Tensor Perf. (FP16) 81.3 TFLOPs 119 TFLOPs 143 TFLOPs 59.8 TFLOPs
Tensor Perf. (FP16-Sparse) 163 TFLOPs 238 TFLOPs 285 TFLOPs 59.8 TFLOPs
TDP 220W 320W 350W 175W
GPU GA104 GA102 GA102 TU106
Transistor Count 17.4B 28B 28B 10.8B
Architecture Ampere Ampere Ampere Turing
Manufacturing Process Samsung 8nm Samsung 8nm Samsung 8nm TSMC 12nm "FFN"
Launch Date 10/15/2020
09/17/2020 09/24/2020 10/17/2018
Launch Price MSRP: $499 MSRP: $699 MSRP: $1499 MSRP: $499
Founders $599

Interestingly, this delay also means that the RTX 3070 will now launch after AMD’s planned Radeon product briefing, which is scheduled for October 28th. NVIDIA has already shown their hand with respect to specifications and pricing, so the 3070’s price and performance are presumably locked in. But this does give NVIDIA one last chance to react – or at least, distract – should they need it.

Source: NVIDIA

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  • a94ra - Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - link

    Well, do you think the engineers are dumb enough to starve their hard-researched-powerful core?
  • dans2530 - Sunday, October 4, 2020 - link

    Where are Anandtech's Ampere reviews? Usually you guys are the first out of the gate.
  • Qasar - Sunday, October 4, 2020 - link

    at has stated that due to the fires in california, its been delayed
  • vol.2 - Sunday, October 4, 2020 - link

    So close to the election, most people won't be thinking about video cards. They should have waited another week.
  • MrVibrato - Sunday, October 4, 2020 - link

    Wait... are you assuming only US Americans are people?
  • MisterAnon - Sunday, October 4, 2020 - link

    This is an American website.
  • MisterAnon - Sunday, October 4, 2020 - link

    And the internet itself is American, but that's another matter altogether.
  • Spunjji - Monday, October 5, 2020 - link

  • Notagaintoday - Thursday, October 8, 2020 - link

    Yes, but this website doesn't run on the internet, it runs on the WWW, and that's neither American, nor was it invented by an An American!

    So this website runs on a British invention, but like all good British inventions, it was pi**ed away by private companies and venture capitalists, none of whom understood what they had!

    British Telecom invented the Hyperlink that allows you to move freely from one web-page/site to another. But that innovation happened when it was a state owned company, and when it was privatised, the new directors didn't realise what they had. In 2002 BT tried to assert ownership of the hyperlink, and took a US ISP to court for royalties, and lost because it had waited too long to assert ownership... You can google the case the ISP was; "Prodigy Communications"

    So no, it was never a US invention! The internet however is a US invention, and many people like yourself get confused between the Internet and WWW, so you're not alone!
  • Alexvrb - Sunday, October 4, 2020 - link

    29th, eh? I can't help but think they wanted to rain on AMD's parade. If the demand is there, and it is there, it won't matter if they wait two weeks to "stockpile".

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