Wraith Ripper

Cooler Master has announced its Wraith Ripper, the air cooler that AMD recommends for its latest Threadripper 2 processors. The cooler can dissipate up to 250 W of power and features programmable RGB lighting. Cooler Master’s Wraith Ripper cooling system for AMD’s Threadripper 2 processors has a dual tower heatsink featuring aluminum fins as well as seven heat pipes. The cooler is outfitted with a 120-mm MasterAir Pro Servo fan that can rotate at speeds up to 2750 RPM and create an airflow of 76.4 CFM. While the cooler is very powerful, it is also relatively compact and therefore does not cause compatibility issues with memory modules, unlike some other “mega coolers” for high-end CPUs. The manufacturer is especially proud of Wraith Ripper’s mounting system that...

AMD Teams Up with Cooler Master for ‘Wraith Ripper' Megacooler

One of the important revelations from AMD's recent Ryzen Threadripper 2 announcement wasn't just that the upcomming processors would have more cores - going from 16 to 32 in...

35 by Anton Shilov on 6/20/2018

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