The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation's SPEC SERT Suite has evolved as the industry-standard for measuring the energy efficiency of servers over the last decade. Regulatory authorities such as the U.S EPA and Japan's METI are some of the many who have adopted the suite to determine thresholds for various energy-efficiency programs. In August 2020, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the ISO/IEC 21836:2020 standard to specify the measurement methodology for assessment and reporting of a server's energy efficiency. Today, SPEC is announcing SERT Suite 2.0.4, an update to enable its incorporation into the ISO standard. It must be noted that the SERT suite was already compliant with ISO 21836. The new version also brings in ISO compliance report links. In addition to including latest...

Test Driving SPECviewperf 2020: A Look At The Latest In Workstation GPU Benchmarks

Over the years, the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation's SPECviewperf benchmark has become the industry standard for workstation GPU benchmarking. Owing to the fact that, unlike video games, there's little...

26 by Ganesh T S on 10/16/2020

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