GTC 2017

Earlier today at a keynote presentation for their GPU Technology Conference (GTC) China 2017, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang disclosed a few updated details of the upcoming Xavier ARM SoC. Xavier, as you may or may not recall with NVIDIA current codename bingo, is the company's next-generation SoC. Essentially the successor to the Tegra family, Xavier is planned to serve several markets. Chief among these is of course automotive, where NVIDIA has seen increasing success as of late. However, similar to their talk at the primary GTC 2017, at GTC China NVIDIA is pitching Xavier as an “autonomous machine processor,” identifying markets beyond automotive such as drones and industrial robots, pushing a concept in line with NVIDIA’s Jetson endeavors. As a Volta-based successor to the Pascal-based...

The NVIDIA GPU Tech Conference 2017 Keynote Live Blog

Taking place today is NVIDIA's keynote for GTC 2017. This keynote provides an annual, high-level overview of what NVIDIA is planning over the next couple of years. And with...

23 by Ryan Smith on 5/10/2017

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