Computex 2012

Along with interviewing ECS VP David Chien, AnandTech was invited to browse around the ECS booth. With ECS’ main market being motherboards, the focus was ultimately on new technologies surrounding the ECS branding. We have had a brief look at the Golden Series motherboards before in our Z77 preview and have a product in for review. ECS clarified their positioning with the Golden Series branding – in order to provide a higher-end product above their Black series that is aesthetically pleasing, especially to those who want to design gold colored systems and case modifications. There is apparently demand in various markets for this sort of product. Nonstop Testing and Super Alloy Chokes As with any other motherboard manufacturer, finding different ways to advertise their...

ASRock Revamps HTPC Lineup with VisionX, Vision HT and MINI Series

ASRock's mini-ITX form factor HTPCs have been held in high esteem by us, but their second generation refresh left a lot to be desired in terms of being revolutionary...

11 by Ganesh T S on 6/2/2012

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