Battery Life

Given that we're using a newer, much more vigorous battery testing methodology now, it's harder to make an accurate comparison between the CyberPowerPC FangBook and competing gaming notebooks. Unfortunately all we have for the moment are ultrabooks, all of which are running substantially slower (and less power hungry hardware). [Ed: I added the ASUS UX51VZ to the list as well; still an Ultrabook, but substantially faster than the ULV models.] Perspective remains important, though, and battery life is one of the major sacrifices made when you use a heavy gaming notebook. It's not as bad as it used to be thanks to switchable graphics technology, but we're still running a 45W CPU.

Battery Life 2013 - Light

Battery Life 2013 - Medium

Battery Life 2013 - Heavy

Battery Life 2013 - Light Normalized

Battery Life 2013 - Medium Normalized

Battery Life 2013 - Heavy Normalized

Given that we're dealing with a 45W CPU competing with 17W CPUs while running a bigger display, the FangBook's efficiency really isn't half bad. We still get a minimum of three hours of useful running time, which is appreciated.

Display Quality

Amusingly enough, we're starting to get to the point where a 1080p display on a 17.3" notebook may not cut it. For now, though, it's a good size, especially for a gaming notebook that isn't going to be able to push games beyond 1080p. The FangBook is using the exact same panel as iBuyPower's Valkyrie CZ-17 (again, same chassis), so it remains to be seen if there's any real difference. We also want to see how it stacks up against competing options in the gaming market. Note that the FangBook is also using a matte panel while the Alienware M17x R4's and Dell XPS 13's (filling in here for IPS 1080p) are glossy.

LCD Analysis - White

LCD Analysis - Black

LCD Analysis - Contrast

LCD Analysis - Delta E

LCD Analysis - Color Gamut

Interestingly, despite using the exact same panel and chassis, the FangBook posts slightly better performance all around. All of these 1080p displays are competitive, and for being TN panels they hold their own with Dell's XPS 13 and its IPS panel.

System Performance Two Conclusions
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  • Freeseus - Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - link

    I think this is the first Anandtech article I've been unable to finish. This laptop is so atrocious I literally didn't care about the specs or price point.
  • will54 - Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - link

    When I looked at the customization page a month ago I thought they had a 680M for about $250 and they had a dozen different keyboard options. I never did buy it just because that lid is so ugly. Call me shallow but looks matter when they are that ugly.
  • Madn3ss795 - Thursday, May 2, 2013 - link

    This and the MSI GT70 come from the same factory?
  • superflex - Friday, May 3, 2013 - link

    Reminds me of my first Compaq Armada Pentium II size wize. Of course the Compaq wasn't nearly as ugly.
    Looks like it was designed by a bunch of boy racer wannabees.
    The only thing missing is some carbon finer inlays?

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