This morning, Verizon started something of a firestorm when it posted pricing and preorder information about the Samsung Galaxy S III (SGS3) on its website, with T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular all following suit shortly after. This comes just after Samsung announced that the SGS3 would be arriving with the same screen size (4.8"), SoC, and RAM at all five carriers in the US late last night, which we made note of.

Based on the information from each carrier’s respective announcement, I’ve put together a simple table rather than regurgitate everything in text form. AT&T hasn’t made its preorder pricing or date announcement yet, but such an announcement seems imminent considering their coming soon page is already live. Update: AT&T has now also made its announcement live, and I've updated the table.

Samsung Galaxy S III - USA Carrier Variants
Carrier Verizon Wireless T-Mobile Sprint US Cellular AT&T
Capacities / Pricing 16 GB / $199.99
32 GB / $249.99
None Given 16 GB / $199.99
32 GB / $249.99
None Given 16 GB / $199.99
16 GB + 16 GB microSD / $238.99
Purchase / Preorder Date Preorder: June 6, 7 AM ET Purchase: June 21 Preorder: June 5
Purchase: June 21
Preorder: June 12
Microsite: June 5
Preorder: June 6
Preorder / Info Page Link Link Link Link Link
Press Release Link Link Link Link Link
SoC / RAM 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 (MSM8960/8260A) / 2 GB LPDDR2

Thus far, it looks like Samsung has done a good job ensuring consistent US hardware (all five variants are Snapdragon S4) and, based on what dates the carriers have provided, launch dates all in the same neighborhood.

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  • sprockkets - Monday, June 4, 2012 - link

    One XL kicks the crap out of everything LTE.

    You got a reason for it being "sht"?
  • GrizzledYoungMan - Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - link

    Buddy, I was being sarcastic, I meant quite the opposite, it's a fine lookin' phone!
  • snoozemode - Monday, June 4, 2012 - link

    Isn't it quite nice to see Samsung forcing the carriers to use the same design? Their logo isn't even printed on the front. Go Sammy!
  • 1ceTr0n - Monday, June 4, 2012 - link

    Are already starting. It will massacre the iphone5 and SGIII by far
  • JFish222 - Monday, June 4, 2012 - link

    I'm sure this question will permeate the phone forums soon enough, but I'd like to hear the observations of others:

    I currently own a Samsung Epic 4g (original) and am ready to upgrade.
    Lets assume these two phones are identical in all respects other than RAM

    HTC = 1GB
    Samsung S3 = 2GB

    and for comparison . . .
    Samsung Epic 4g = 512MB

    Are there tangible benefits from 2GB for ICS and future iterations (2yr horizon)?
    Is there any evidence that we are nearing 1GB active usage (as apposed to caching recent apps.)

    My observations re. Samsung's update and community support vs HTC's have brought me to this quandary, but I'm not looking to cut of my nose to spite my face.
    I'll stick with Samsung if 2GB of RAM will result in a meaningful difference in terms of experience.

    I'd love to hear thoughts about this, bias against certain manufacturers and platforms aside.
    And I'm not completely sold on the more is better argument . . .
    Imagining Win95 w/ 3GB of ram . . . :)


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