Cables and Connectors

The cable sleeving for the 24-pin connector looks exactly like the sleeving from the EarthWatts Green 380W; the other cables use cheaper sleeving, but it's still better than nothing. The HCG-750 comes with a large selection of fixed cables, so again you'll want to make sure that your case has enough space you don't obstruct the airflow. If you're planning on running heavy benchmarking and/or overclocking without a case, obviously that's not a problem.

Cables and Connectors
Fixed Main 24-pin 55cm
ATX12V/EPS12V 4+4-pin 65cm
PCIe 2x 6/8-pin 50, 65cm / 2x 6/8-pin 50, 65cm
Peripheral 3x SATA 55-85cm / 3x SATA 55-85cm / 3x SATA 55-85cm
3x Molex 55-85cm / 3x Molex, 1x Floppy 55-125cm)

Holy moly! This is what I call a very long CPU cable. In addition the HCG-750 has nine SATA connectors. Four separate PCIe cables would have been nice, but four 8-pin capable connectors on two cables is still more than enough to support dual-GPU SLI or CrossFire systems. If you happen to run a high-end card like the HD 6970 or GTX 580, each GPU requires two connectors so gamers will definitely want at least four PCIe connectors. Note that we wouldn't recommend trying to run quad-SLI or quad-CrossFire using GTX 590 or HD 6990 off a single 750W PSU, considering we can already hit 500-600W with a single GPU at stock clocks.

Package, Power Rating, and Fan Internal Components and Topology
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  • lacrits - Thursday, April 14, 2011 - link

    Well, unless you have a windowed chassi you won't be seeing much of that PSU once you've put it all together.. I would never buy PC hardware based on looks either..
  • Martin Kaffei - Friday, April 15, 2011 - link

    In my opinion the look is just secondary.
    But I still prefer those black Corsair PSUs and would never buy a pink one. The aesthetic shouldn't be ugly.

    But I agree the look of the PC case is more important than the appearance of a PSU, which is usually not visible in a closed PC.
  • EvilJoker1982 - Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - link

    Antec is freakin great company. And has with out a DOUBT ,the BEST customer service ive EVER seen. Me personally i chose this PSU for that reason. And they are VERY reliable quality and power! Im not sure why it didnt hit 80+ silver.

    Im useing it with
    asus v formula
    gtx 570 SLI
    2 ssd,3 WD 320gb and 1 tb
    h100, with 10! 120 tri-cool fans includieng the 230 bogboy! All with out ANY issues!

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