Performance Metrics - I

The Voyo V3 was evaluated using our standard test suite for low power desktops / industrial PCs. Not all benchmarks were processed on all the machines due to updates in our testing procedures. Therefore, the list of PCs in each graph might not be the same.

Futuremark PCMark 8

PCMark 8 provides various usage scenarios (home, creative and work) and offers ways to benchmark both baseline (CPU-only) as well as OpenCL accelerated (CPU + GPU) performance. We benchmarked select PCs for the OpenCL accelerated performance in all three usage scenarios. These scores are heavily influenced by the CPU in the system. The Atom cores in the x7-Z8700 are obviously not as powerful as the Broadwell cores in the Core M-5Y10c in the LIVA Core for general workloads. However, thanks to the higher clocks and four physical cores, the performance is better than other dual-core Braswell PCs such as the Intel Celeron N3000-based ASRock Beebox N3000-NUC.

Futuremark PCMark 8 - Home OpenCL

Futuremark PCMark 8 - Creative OpenCL

Futuremark PCMark 8 - Work OpenCL

Miscellaneous Futuremark Benchmarks

The above scenario also plays out in other Futuremark benchmarks. The presence of a Broadwell-class GPU in the system also enables top-of-the-line performance in the 3D benchmarks (only getting edged out by Core M).

Futuremark PCMark 7 - PCMark Suite Score

Futuremark 3DMark 11 - Extreme Score

Futuremark 3DMark 11 - Entry Score

Futuremark 3DMark 2013 - Ice Storm Score

Futuremark 3DMark 2013 - Cloud Gate Score

3D Rendering - CINEBENCH R15

CINEBENCH R15 is used for 3D rendering evaluation. It provides three benchmark modes - OpenGL, single threaded and multi-threaded. Evaluation of select PCs in all three modes provided us the following results. They faithfully follow what we have already seen in the Futuremark benchmarks.

3D Rendering - CINEBENCH R15 - Single Thread

3D Rendering - CINEBENCH R15 - Multiple Threads

3D Rendering - CINEBENCH R15 - OpenGL

Introduction and Setup Impressions Performance Metrics - II
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  • eek2121 - Thursday, March 3, 2016 - link

    The whole 'bootlegged os' sounds to me like the Windows versions of Thecus' NAS servers. sure Thecus at least TOLD you it was a trial version up front (i.e. Windows wasn't activated). However, when Storage Server 2012 came out, NAS users were screwed over by Thecus as well as Microsoft, since Thecus refused to sell 2008 any longer, and also refused to re-certify their NAS units for Windows Storage 2012. This was for brand new units you could order from various resellers throughout the world. We ended up activating a Windows Server Standard license just to get around the bullshit.
  • Hinton - Thursday, March 3, 2016 - link

    Windows 10 is free. Why would they bootleg it?

    No, I am not talking about free upgrades. Windows 10 is free for computers in this price range.
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